Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 10 Most Important Truths That You Must Consider

Please Note:  There are many Biblical Verses here.  You can see the verse by just hovering over the text.  You will not need to click on the links.  This will allow you to quickly check the verse and stay with me.  

  1. God has created all humanity (including you) for a personal relationship with Him. He knows you will be most happy when you are in a relationship with Him.  He deeply loves you and intensely desires this relationship with you.  He did not build you into an automaton that must obey, instead He gave you free will with the ability to reject or accept Him (John 10:10) (Rev 3:20). 
  2. The original sin of Adam and Eve placed in you a sin nature that is the source of sin and the evil in your heart. Your natural state is sinful, and people are not naturally good while God is a holy God who is perfect and sinless.  You hurt others as well as yourself.  There is much pain and tragedy in this world as a result of sin. (Gen 1:19) (1 Cor 15:22).
  3. All of us have sinned and continue to sin willingly.  All of us have not lived up to the perfect standard of God.  There is no grading curve with God, because He is perfect, and He expects perfection. (Pr 14:12)  (Rom 3:23)
  4. This sin has consequences.  God sees all sin as worthy of death, and there is no differences or gradations in how God views sin.  God will not do a relationship with us when we are in sin.  The Bible says that the wages of sin are death.  This death is a physical death as well as an eternal one.  We are excluded from the blessings of God.  Hell is real, excruciatingly painful, and never-ending (Matt 25:41) (Rev 20). 
  5. We feel this separation and try please God in the way we feel is right, but it is not enough.  We sense emptiness and try to fill the void with useless things to take our minds off our guilt and unhappiness.  Your natural condition is like a huge chasm that is very wide and deep, with no possibility of getting to the other side without help.  You cannot please God on your own (Eph 2:8).
  6. We need forgiveness.  We need a break.  God must do it for us, but sin must be paid for, because He is infinitely righteous.  God knows our inability and wishes to have relationship with us.  He loves us tremendously, so He sent His Son Jesus to be condemned in our place.  I can’t explain how painful it was for God to do this, but you are worth it.  If you, yes you, were the only human to ever walk this earth, He would have sent his Son just for you.  Jesus stepped out of his position beside His Father, a position of total power and love and took the form of man and willingly humbled Himself to death as a sacrifice for our sins.  This was a perfect sacrifice, and it was enough.  God has approved of this sacrifice by raising His Son after the third day.  There is no more need for any more sacrifices, it is finished (Heb 10:13) (1 Cor 15:20).  
  7. We must do our part, but don’t get lost here, because it isn’t what you think.  There is nothing you do to earn anything.  Eternal salvation is a free gift of God that is conditional on us accepting it.  This gift only comes through the sacrifice of the Son of God.  God has made Him the only way to him.   We have free will to accept this gift or reject it.  You must take the gift.  Please take it, otherwise you will have to pay for your sins yourself (John 14:6) (John1:12).
  8. We must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and submit to Him as Lord of our lives with authority to direct our steps.  We must confess that Jesus is Lord and turn over the control of our lives to Him.  If we do this we are saved.  Forever! The moment you do this an amazing one-way transaction happens.  At that point the Spirit of God comes into you, bringing a full guarantee that this salvation can never be snatched away.  (Rom 10:9) (Rom 8:38) (John 3:16)
  9. Once saved, we now have the power to obey God; we now have the potential of being a part of God’s plan on this earth.  We have access through obedience to Him for the fruit of the Spirit for love, joy, peace, happiness, and self-control. It won’t happen immediately, you must strive to depend on Him in ever increasing measure. Your life is on the way to being transformed more and more into the image of Jesus over time, but you must submit to Him.  You will screw up a lot, so when you do, you must confess your sins, get up, dust yourself off and continue walking with God.  Rest in the fact that God takes an active part in shaping your destiny (1 John 1:9) (Gal 5) (Heb 10:14).
  10. We still have free will.  The sin nature is still present, so we must submit to walking in the Spirit.  If we walk away from obeying God, there will be consequences.  Our salvation is secure, but if we walk away from the blessings of God we become sidelined and no longer a part of God’s plan on this earth.  We can lose our sense of joy and peace.  God is always ready to take you to newer places, but you must remain open to his leadership in your life. (1 Cor 5:5) (John 14:23) (Eph 2:8-10)