Friday, September 16, 2011

Choose your Destiny

Take a good, hard look at the timeline. The right side portrays a path of life that involves quickly getting through college successfully, working hard at your career, and making good money choices.  On the left is an alternative destiny.  It involves having fun and living it up under your parents’ house.  If you choose the party life, there will come a point where your parents will get tired of this.  I call this moment the “deadbeat threshold.”  At that point, your parents will kick you out because they finally get it that by supporting you financially they are not helping you mature.  You are not progressing in life and are stuck.  Fed up, your parents serve your eviction papers thus ushering in a life of poverty that will ensnare you and the generations to follow Proverbs 10:1.
I don’t think people say, “Hey I want to be stuck in poverty all my life, how do I go about doing that?  The reality is that poverty is the natural outcome of a life that is done out of order.  If you have children before you complete your schooling, it will be very difficult to finish your schooling.  Do life in order, it’s education, career, then kids.  Get it out of order and you will be in poverty.  Looking at the graphic, please notice how a person who starts work immediately is getting things out of order.  The party life will lead you to the poverty life, because you will be neglecting the things that could enrich your life in the long run Proverbs 21:17.
            Living for God and being a partier is incompatible (Eph 5:18) (Gal 5:19-21) (James 4:4) (Prov 23:21).  Partying will not make you more popular, because people are popular because they have traits that people value.  Don’t get caught envying the “beautiful people” who are having a great time, God has other plans for you (Prov 23:17).  Their lives are a mirage, because the glamour will fade away and you will have purpose.  People who like others because they are attractive are vain, so why would you want those types of people as friends.  Find people who share the same values as you and you will be happier.