Friday, September 23, 2011

Choose Your Destiny Part II

College seems to take forever, but remember that it is a small fraction of your life.  There was this hallway at a job back when I was in college, and this hallway symbolized the glacial pace of college.  Summers were the hardest because I didn’t feel I was actively progressing towards my degree.   I worked at Herman’s Sporting Goods in a mall, and they didn’t want us going through the front gate, so I had to walk along this bare hall to the back, ring the bell multiple times and wait for someone to let me in.  I hated this hallway, because it seemed to mock me every day.  It felt like this was a dead end job that would suck my soul.  It could have been a dead end job, but since it was a means to a degree it wasn’t really a dead end job.  As the summer wore on, I had to tell myself over and over that I was a college student even though I wasn’t taking classes at the time.  I know this sounds silly, but your mind can play tricks on you.  Herman’s was a very short episode in my life and after about two years I found a much better job to finish out college.  When you have the luxury of looking back, it becomes apparent how short seasons of life can be. The problem is that the present can take hold of you in such a way that no other reality seems plausible.  In this state, you will feel that college is taking forever.  When it feels like you are stuck in neutral you will need to challenge that thought.  If what you are doing is part of the plan then dismiss that feeling with truth. Your thoughts (or Satan’s) should not rule you (1 Cor 10:5) (Matthew 4:1-11).
            When you view the length of life within the context of eternity, you will experience something wholly new and groundbreaking.  The eternal perspective can help you through periods of life that seem disappointing, boring, or unglamorous (Rom 8:25).